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3 Steps to Intelligent Life-Cycle Management

Most professionals are aware of what a product life-cycle is, how it works and why it matters. In short, a product gets introduced into the marketplace where it (typically) starts […]
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Diving Into the Bandgap

As the world continues to expand with more and more electronics pumped out every day there is a concern that good ol’ silicon may not be up to the tasks […]
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Self-Destructing Computer Chips

Incredible! At the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center they have successfully developed a self-destructing microchip. What enables this awesome, spy movie-esque explosion is the fact that the chip is created […]
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Quantum Crushes Record

Quantum dots are making a comeback! After a few years of humbled excitement over quantum dots there comes a record breaking performance in speed of light emissions. What the researchers […]
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Nano-Tech White-Light Laser

Creating a laser is no achievement to be understated, so then creating a laser semiconductor that is nano-scale and has a “white” light must be an incredibly rewarding undertaking, if […]
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Wearable Air Conditioning

As one of the latest and possibly the greatest innovations in technology, researchers at the University of California are working on smart-clothing that will provide you personal air conditioning. Not […]