Supply Chain Management

28 Nov 2018 No Comments

Aerospace Vertical Integration: Where Does Our Last Time Buy Solution Fit?

The frequent exhaustion aerospace OEMs face relying on suppliers has had an influential impact within their supply chains. With high demands for production, this should entail an equally high level […]
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How Last Time Buys Fit into Each Industry

Since we first implemented our Last Time Buy Solution, we have preserved over $100 million in working capital for our customers. But while it could be easily assumed that each […]
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EDX Critical Inventory Storage Solution FAQ

The demands of the manufacturing industry have changed drastically in recent years – and in turn, manufacturers’ long-term storage needs have greatly increased in complexity. Through such periods of rapid […]
13 Nov 2018 No Comments

A Tale of Two Manufacturers, and the Last Time Buys Between Them

With the current electronic component shortage crisis, the relationships between OEMs and contract manufacturers are of the utmost importance. Continuing to conduct business as usual is no longer an option. […]
12 Nov 2018 No Comments

Healthcare OEMs: A Supply Chain Problem Is Everyone’s Problem

It doesn’t take much to understand that medical equipment is wildly crucial in our world today. But the prolonged lifecycles of this equipment necessitate a need for regular updates and […]
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Trade the Band-Aid for a Vault: Invest in Critical Inventory Storage Solutions

Hurricanes. Fires. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Flooding. Tsunamis. Oh my! There is no stopping Mother Nature. Natural disasters are something that we are not able to avoid, but they are something we […]