9 Oct 2015 No Comments

Powerful Perovskites

As electronics move forward and researchers are constantly trying to figure out what the next step in tech will be, there is one field of work that is getting a […]
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Diving Into the Bandgap

As the world continues to expand with more and more electronics pumped out every day there is a concern that good ol’ silicon may not be up to the tasks […]
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Quantum Crushes Record

Quantum dots are making a comeback! After a few years of humbled excitement over quantum dots there comes a record breaking performance in speed of light emissions. What the researchers […]
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Nano-Tech White-Light Laser

Creating a laser is no achievement to be understated, so then creating a laser semiconductor that is nano-scale and has a “white” light must be an incredibly rewarding undertaking, if […]
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Laser Deposition of Sulfur Enables Next-Gen Electronics

A team in the US has developed a (relatively) simple way to execute 2D lithography in semiconductor manufacturing that stands to usher in a new era of electronics. What they […]
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Honey I Shrunk the Chip

As innovation in technology continues to shrink devices that are more powerful than their predecessors, Moore’s Law remains a constant. Moore’s Law state that every two years computers computers end […]