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Getting Inside The 741 Op Amp

Many people go throughout their every day lives receiving countless benefits from electronics without much knowledge of what’s inside of them or how they work. This article by Ken Shirrif […]
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Powerful Perovskites

As electronics move forward and researchers are constantly trying to figure out what the next step in tech will be, there is one field of work that is getting a […]
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Self-Destructing Computer Chips

Incredible! At the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center they have successfully developed a self-destructing microchip. What enables this awesome, spy movie-esque explosion is the fact that the chip is created […]
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Laser Deposition of Sulfur Enables Next-Gen Electronics

A team in the US has developed a (relatively) simple way to execute 2D lithography in semiconductor manufacturing that stands to usher in a new era of electronics. What they […]
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Nantero Receives More Funding For Nano-Memory

After 13 years of working on their NRAM technology, Nantero has received another bit of funding to (hopefully) bring their innovation to market. What they are looking to accomplish is […]
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Semiconductor Industry Looking to Lead Economic Growth

The Semiconductor Industry Association¬†gives us an insight into the true potential of the semiconductor market and it’s place in the US economy. The above chart shows the value added by […]