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26 Apr 2018 No Comments

What Can Your OEM Accomplish with Extra Working Capital? Here Are 4 Possibilities

One of the defining benefits of EDX’s Last Time Buy Solution is the ability to preserve up to 10 years of working capital. Since its introduction to the supply chain […]
24 Apr 2018 No Comments

How Much Value Can Your Free Excess Inventory Analysis Uncover?

The financial loss from excess inventory is a supply chain inefficiency largely viewed as unavoidable, with the security of guaranteeing a steady stream of critical inventory throughout a product’s life […]
19 Apr 2018 1 Comment

The Consolidation of the Aerospace Supply Chain

While each industry can be defined by its own defining features and challenges, the aerospace industry stands apart as being particularly unique — and risky. By 2023, the Airbus Global […]
17 Apr 2018 No Comments

3 Common OEM Situations that Necessitate Bulk Purchases of Critical Inventory

All OEMs are well-acquainted with the unique set of circumstances that necessitate a last time buy of critical electronic components. As the lifecycle of OEM products continues to increase against […]
16 Apr 2018 No Comments

A Critical Electronic Component in Your Product Has Been Discontinued. Now What?

Useful doesn’t even begin to describe the impact critical electronic components have on an OEM product’s life cycle. Many standard electronic components and semiconductors have comparable alternatives that can be […]
29 Mar 2018 No Comments

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Associated with Last Time Buys

Last time buys, even in the best of situations, rarely go smoothly. There are dozens of variables in play – and if one miscalculation is made, it could have profound […]