OEM working capital

31 May 2018 No Comments

What Industries Could You Enter with Extra Working Capital in 2018?

Outside of our storage and fulfillment capabilities that save OEMs an average of 42 percent in annual inventory carrying costs, the feature that customers most commonly respond to regarding the […]
26 Apr 2018 No Comments

What Can Your OEM Accomplish with Extra Working Capital? Here Are 4 Possibilities

One of the defining benefits of EDX’s Last Time Buy Solution is the ability to preserve up to 10 years of working capital. Since its introduction to the supply chain […]
8 Mar 2018 No Comments

The Consequences of a Product Redesign

There is an infinite number of reasons why a manufacturer in any industry would choose to redesign, or remanufacture, a product. For some OEMs, such as Apple and their annual […]