18 Sep 2015 No Comments

Self-Destructing Computer Chips

Incredible! At the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center they have successfully developed a self-destructing microchip. What enables this awesome, spy movie-esque explosion is the fact that the chip is created […]
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Honey I Shrunk the Chip

As innovation in technology continues to shrink devices that are more powerful than their predecessors, Moore’s Law remains a constant. Moore’s Law state that every two years computers computers end […]
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Holtek Semiconductor EOL Notices

EDX Electronic’s Last Time Buy Management Program is going to save you the stress of having to choose between redesign and the LTB purchase with up to 10 year terms, […]
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Microchip EOL Notices

Some of the replacement parts listed by the manufacturer have similar specifications but are not drop-in substitutes, be sure to check with your local distributor before installation. Component LTB Date […]
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ON Semiconductor EOL Notices

These PDNs were published on January 14 & January 20 respectively, and they list all parts available until July 14, 2015 & July 20, 2015. Component LTB Date Replacement AMIS42700WCGA4H […]
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Diodes Inc EOL Notices

 This PDN was published on January 26, 2015 and lists all parts available until May 23, 2015. Component LTB Date Replacement MBR1035 5/23/2015 N/A MBR1045 5/23/2015 N/A MBR1050 5/23/2015 N/A […]