long-term electronic component storage

9 Jul 2019 No Comments

The Dangers of Compromising on Electronic Component Storage

An equipment manufacturer can easily be judged based on how they store their critical electronic inventory. Not all manufacturers have an inherent need to store electronics, but those that do […]
11 Jun 2019 No Comments

You Just Received a PCN…Now What?

If your company just received a product change notification (PCN) for a critical electronic component or semiconductor, the first thing you should do is consider yourself one of the lucky […]
14 May 2019 No Comments

Preserving OEM Working Capital: Making Obsolescence Management Exciting

When finances enter any discussion regarding obsolescence management strategies, it usually takes one of two forms: the price of obsolescence management, and the potential cost of not implementing such a […]
16 Apr 2019 No Comments

Partstat Last Time Buy Solution FAQ

There is little doubt that our Last Time Buy Solution is one-of-a-kind in the electronics manufacturing industry, and as a result of this, we receive a lot of questions regarding […]
28 Mar 2019 No Comments

Honeywell Partners With Partstat for Last Time Buy

Renowned aerospace manufacturer and engineering services provider Honeywell International Inc. has selected Partstat to manage last time buys and improve business continuity as it relates to their products. After many […]
30 Jan 2019 No Comments

What the Polar Vortex Tells Us About Electronic Inventory Storage

When discussing secure, long-term electronic inventory storage, it’s common to stick to the obvious risk associated with catastrophes such as fire, flooding, and earthquakes. These are very real dangers that […]