Last Time Buy

1 Nov 2018 No Comments

Choosing the Right Supply Chain Partner for Die Banking

The use of die banking to support long-term OEM product lifecycles is becoming more commonplace by the day. Widespread concerns regarding the current state of the electronic component market is […]
24 Oct 2018 No Comments

What We Talk About When We Talk About Last Time Buys

A last time buy, as does every supply chain decision, always comes down to money – money tied up, money spent, money saved, and money made. Going further, any decision […]
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Live on EPS News: How OEMs Can Compress Their Cash-Conversion Cycle

“If one of your supply chain partners suffers a debilitating disruption, how quickly can it recover? A healthy company should have the working capital on hand to take immediate financial […]
18 Oct 2018 No Comments

The Dangerous EOL Assumption Regarding Electronic Components

The EOL designation granted to an electronic component approaching obsolescence used to have a certain meaning to OEMs. It indicated that the component was ending its natural buyer cycle, that […]
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Don’t Be a Salmon, Embrace Last Time Buys

Salmon are fascinating creatures in that that they are created with an inherent instinct to defy the natural order. In a world where common sense and logic nudge all forms […]
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How to Survive the Aerospace Price Inflation Squeeze

Maturing generations have a tendency to view price inflation as a symptom of the modern age. With a tear in their eye, they recall the days when a piece of […]