Last Time Buy

25 Jun 2019 No Comments

Tariffs in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry: What Is the Upside?

There are few things capable of driving production quite like deadlines. It is easy to maintain the status quo when the idea of waiting until tomorrow is a somewhat justifiable […]
20 Jun 2019 No Comments

Raw Material Shortages Will Prompt Last Time Buys

If asked what determines the manufacturing cost of an electronic component, many might be surprised to discover that the most capital is spent during raw materials acquisition. This holds particularly […]
11 Jun 2019 No Comments

You Just Received a PCN…Now What?

If your company just received a product change notification (PCN) for a critical electronic component or semiconductor, the first thing you should do is consider yourself one of the lucky […]
4 Jun 2019 No Comments

Tariffs Are Redefining the Electronic Component Supply Chain — Here’s How

Last July, the U.S. imposed $34 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, with an additional 25 percent tariffs on $16 billion of goods to be implemented after a public comment […]
31 May 2019 No Comments

The Narrowing Gap Between Healthcare and Consumer Electronics

Not long ago, few would argue that the healthcare and consumer electronics industries had anything in common. In fact, the two industries in many respects existed as polar inverses of […]
28 May 2019 No Comments

Where Do Last Time Buys Fit into a Post-Silicon World

There are many variables that can result in supply chain disruption, from the assembly line all the way down to the acquisition of raw materials. Most recently, these disruptions have […]