Last Time Buy Strategy

8 Mar 2018 No Comments

The Consequences of a Product Redesign

There is an infinite number of reasons why a manufacturer in any industry would choose to redesign, or remanufacture, a product. For some OEMs, such as Apple and their annual […]
1 Mar 2018 2 Comments

The Truth About Product Change Notifications

The ideal obsolescence management strategy requires transparency from all parties involved in the supply chain. These parties include the equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who design the consumer product, the EMS providers […]
5 Mar 2015 No Comments

NXP EOL Notices

This PDN was published on December¬†31, 2014 and lists all parts available with LTB dates March 31,2015, June 30,2015 and September 30, 2015. Component Last Time Buy Date Replacement¬† Publish […]