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19 Feb 2019 No Comments

The Double Ordering Problem, and How OEMs Can Avoid It

The electronic components market today is in an odd place. Despite historic levels of growth and revenue on both the OEM and OCM side, it’s hard to have a conversation […]
13 Feb 2019 No Comments

Electronics OEMs and the Burden of Market Growth

The electronic component market and the industries it supports have a symbiotic relationship; the growth and innovations on display from one side intrinsically affect the growth of the other, and […]
6 Feb 2019 No Comments

Counterfeit: The Price of Growth in the Electronic Component Market

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So goes Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The beauty of such a simple statement is that it can […]
3 Jan 2019 No Comments

2019 New Year Resolutions for Your Supply Chain

2018 has officially come and gone, and for many professionals involved in the manufacturing supply chain, the end couldn’t have come soon enough. Despite the electronic component market increasing approximately […]
19 Dec 2018 No Comments

New Aerospace Frontiers, Old Obsolescence Challenges

While initial thoughts of the aerospace industry typically conjure images of fighter jets, commercial aircraft, and possibly aftermarket parts among those who are familiar with this world, we often forget […]
7 Dec 2018 No Comments

OCMs: How to Offer OEM Customers a Soft Landing from Obsolescence

The state of the electronic component market is always changing, and in recent years soaring demand in certain industries is forcing component manufacturers to shorten the lifecycles of their products. […]