Inventory Carrying Costs

17 May 2018 No Comments

EMS Providers: Want to Solidify Relationships with OEMs? Try This

In the competitive realm of contract manufacturing, there is nothing more important for an EMS provider than earning, developing, and maintaining a rapport with their OEM partners. But due to […]
16 Oct 2017 No Comments

Excess Inventory Exit Strategy

There are several ways that excess and obsolete inventory can negatively impact the profitability of OEM and EMS companies. Mainly, this inventory tends to tie up working capital, preventing these […]
9 Dec 2016 No Comments

Solutions For Excess Inventory

Everyone has excess inventory.  It’s a bigger problem than people might think.  Having excess lying around is one of those things that come up, and it seems to be more […]
5 Jul 2016 No Comments

Save Working Capital While Securing EOL Inventory

 What’s the cost for your company to carry inventory? Do you have a plan for securing production/service inventory that may go obsolete? In 2015 over 41% of parts were obsoleted […]