critical inventory storage

1 May 2019 No Comments

Who Has a Need for a Custom Storage Vault?

A common question we hear from potential customers interested in the use of our custom storage vault is if such a drastic measure is right for them. What organizations have […]
28 Mar 2019 No Comments

Intuitive Surgical Partners With EDX Electronics for Long-Term Die and Wafer Banking

In the search for a supply chain partner capable of assisting with long-term die and wafer banking to support the lifecycle of their products, Intuitive Surgical selected EDX and their […]
30 Jan 2019 No Comments

What the Polar Vortex Tells Us About Electronic Inventory Storage

When discussing secure, long-term electronic inventory storage, it’s common to stick to the obvious risk associated with catastrophes such as fire, flooding, and earthquakes. These are very real dangers that […]
3 Dec 2018 No Comments

How EDX Saves OEMs 42% on Annual Inventory Carrying Costs

Over the past 27 years, EDX has partnered with some of the largest and most accomplished and innovative manufacturers in the manufacturing industry. GE, Philips, Boeing, Harris, IBM, and HP […]
15 Nov 2018 No Comments

EDX Critical Inventory Storage Solution FAQ

The demands of the manufacturing industry have changed drastically in recent years – and in turn, manufacturers’ long-term storage needs have greatly increased in complexity. Through such periods of rapid […]
26 Oct 2018 No Comments

Trade the Band-Aid for a Vault: Invest in Critical Inventory Storage Solutions

Hurricanes. Fires. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Flooding. Tsunamis. Oh my! There is no stopping Mother Nature. Natural disasters are something that we are not able to avoid, but they are something we […]