Business Continuity Planning

14 Dec 2017 No Comments

5 Challenges OEMs Face Making Last Time Buys

As the overall lifecycle of components grows shorter by the year, last time buys (LTBs) are quickly becoming the new normal for OEMs across multiple industries. To keep a product […]
12 Dec 2017 1 Comment

The Obsolescence Problem In Your Supply Chain

Obsolescence is one of the greatest challenges for today’s manufacturers – but it can be overcome. A manufactured product, regardless of industry or function, is, quite literally, the sum of […]
27 Nov 2017 No Comments

Rockwell Automation Rates EDX Electronics as “Best in Class”

EDX Electronics has taken another step toward establishing itself as the country’s leading supply chain specialist. Moving forward, EDX will play a pivotal role in the management of Last Time […]