Self-Destructing Computer Chips


Incredible! At the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center they have successfully developed a self-destructing microchip.

What enables this awesome, spy movie-esque explosion is the fact that the chip is created using strained Gorilla Glass, essentially Gorilla Glass that is just waiting to break. Currently they are using laser light to trigger a special self-destruct resistor that heats up the chip to the point of annihilation. Eventually they could look to make the chips reactive to climate change, proximity and much more. This technology was created for DARPA and stands to be a big leap ahead for their Vanishing Programmable Resources efforts.

The article also mentions biodegradable circuitry that will be used for application in the medical industry, since our bodies typically won’t do to well with a bunch of tiny shards of glass shrapnel hanging around.

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