Rockwell Automation Rates EDX Electronics as “Best in Class”

EDX Electronics has taken another step toward establishing itself as the country’s leading supply chain specialist.

Moving forward, EDX will play a pivotal role in the management of Last Time Buys (LTBs) for active and passive components on behalf of Rockwell Automation, Inc.

A Fortune 500 company responsible for almost $7 billion in annual sales, Rockwell Automation provides control systems, information software, motor control devices, industrial security, and more to companies across 17 different industries in over 80 countries. Brands that proudly operate under the Rockwell umbrella include vMonitor, ICS Triplex, Pavilion Technologies, and Allen-Bradley.

On June 29th, 2017, EDX CEO Dennis Menefee and his team welcomed Rockwell Automation to their headquarters in Winter Springs, FL.

Sr. Supplier Quality Engineer Julia Andretti was particularly impressed with EDX’s commitment to traceability, documentation availability, and industry-leading storage options for both components and raw materials. In each of these categories, Andretti awarded EDX with a “Best in Class” supplier capability level.

“[The] facility is clean, well-lit, and appropriate for electronic component storage,” Andretti observed. “Temperature and humidity are monitored throughout [the] warehouse and will alarm if outside of acceptable limits.”

In addition to their current ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A-certified facilities, EDX has also invested in both ECD dry cabinets and a FireLock Vault for long-term electronic component storage. These systems represent the best storage technologies available in the supply chain industry, and can guarantee manufacturers the safety of critical, obsolete inventories for up to 10 years.

Andretti also took notice of the positive, family-like culture EDX has created for its people. Many members of the EDX team have spent 10 to 15 years with the company, and each one, according to her, “demonstrated interest [in doing] the right thing for the customer.”

“Our goal is to provide, and guarantee, business continuity through all phases of the supply chain,” says Menefee. “Our new ECD dry cabinets – and especially our hurricane-proof, fire-proof, EMP-proof vault –are the next evolution of this vision. Nothing short of a direct hit from a meteorite, and possibly not even that, will prevent our customers from realizing up to 10 years of product revenue. No one else in our industry can promise that – no one.”

EDX anticipates the vault to be completed by Christmas 2017, and will be available as an option for all OEM and CM inventories at no additional charge.

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