Quantum Computing Steps Into The Arena

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When the words “quantum logic gate” are heard by most they will likely think that it has something to do with Stargate or maybe even the LHC if they have been keeping up with the strange experiments and discoveries occurring. For those who know a thing or two about computers however this is a very small but significant step towards the next generation of computing and technology.

What the scientists have done is created an array of electrodes on top of a piece of silicon-28 that contains segments of silicon-28 quantum dots. When voltage is applied to the electrodes the quantum dots get excited and start spinning in the same manner that an electron would, so they stick two of these quantum dots in one segment and they can be controlled to either spin in the same direction or in the opposite direction. Typically the spin of the quantum dots are rapidly slowing due to drag caused by interacting with the nuclear spin of the surrounding material. In order to combat this the researchers simply made the quantum dots themselves out of silicon-28 which has zero nuclear spin and will not interfere with itself. This deterioration is also known as decoherence.

The potential applications of this are seemingly endless, and stand to shatter Moore’s Law with regard to ground-breaking advancements that will more than double the computing capacity of mankind.

To learn more about the first ever successful CNOT quantum logic gate, click here –


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