Powerful Perovskites

These are not pervoskite crystals.

These are not pervoskite crystals.

As electronics move forward and researchers are constantly trying to figure out what the next step in tech will be, there is one field of work that is getting a lot of attention from a small group of people. What they are looking at is refining the potential of perovskite crystals, where a perovskite crystal is any crystalline structure that mimics that off calcium titanium oxide (CaTiO3).

With a hole still to be filled for the next major materials in the progression of semiconductors a group of Department of Energy scientists have found a means of creating square 2-Dimensional perovskite sheets. Though the chemical composition of the material that they used is quite daunting – CH3NH3PbI3 – it holds much more promise in terms of procedural integration than other methods of producing 2-D perovskites. Traditional methods such as chemical vapor deposition and exfoliation can only create thick plates of perovskite which cannot be used in the thin-film manner intended for 2-D sheets. By simply growing the free-standing 2-D sheets the scientists were able to tap into a few different factors that can be tuned to create varying material properties.

As perovskites enter the scene, other potentials such as graphene seem to have taken a back seat. Of course there is still lots of work to be done with the potentials, but for now it would seem as though organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites have taken the stage.

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