Polymeric Carbon Nitrides


There have been numerous trials of using polymeric carbon nitrides as photocatalysts for solar panels but none have managed to achieve an efficable efficiency level.

Thanks to a group of researchers from HZB and Freie Universität Berlin this is about to change. What they have found is that when light impacts the surface of the polymeric carbon nitride the material develops an electron-hole pair that moves perpendicular to the surface. Through thorough analysis using advanced spectroscopy equipment they were able to make some first-ever measurements of quantitative mobility and lifetime of the charge carriers. The characteristics of polymeric carbon nitrides that make them particularly attractive are the fact that they are very low in cost, non-toxic, and durable (with the ability to withstand temperatures up to about 500 degrees Celsius).

With the intention of driving the next-era of optoelectronics the team will continue to work on measuring and identifying characteristics of the charge carriers specifically.

To learn more about polymeric carbon nitrides, click here – http://www.nanotech-now.com/news.cgi?story_id=52550

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