Nano-Tech White-Light Laser


Diagram displaying how a traditional laser works.

Creating a laser is no achievement to be understated, so then creating a laser semiconductor that is nano-scale and has a “white” light must be an incredibly rewarding undertaking, if only to say that you have done it.

That’s what the scientists at Arizona State University set out to do, and believe it or not they have done it. We have all seen the traditional red lasers and some of us may have even had an opportunity to play around with a green laser, but the white laser is a different beast altogether. In order to produce a white beam of light the scientists needed to combine the three standard colors (Red-Green-Blue) at a focal point that would in essence cover the entire spectrum of light, appearing as white light that can be tuned to the different colors. The benefits of this research come as compliments to the research being done worldwide on energy efficiency, and since the technology is on the nano-scale the recognized applications are nearly endless. One of these potential uses that really has people excited is an upgrade from the current Wi-Fi to Li-Fi or a wireless network based on light instead of radio frequencies.

With much progress yet to be made in the fields of nano-technology and quantum computing, these unique lasers will certainly come to be critical in future developments.

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