IoT Chips for All Your Needs


With the ever-expanding field of IoT there is much to connect before we see things like smart-cities and smart-houses really taking off. In an effort to put their products at the forefront of these developments Samsung has unveiled their family of three IoT chips (Artik) with varying capacity and functionality. While producing these chips to contribute to the growing market they will still continue to provide their hardware to other companies (like Apple), and have even begun offering an upgrade service where they can take your existing devices and make them compatible with your smart-network of devices.

Some of the major competitors that Samsung faces as it enters the market are dominating OCMs like Qualcomm and Intel, though Qualcomm actually outsources some of it’s chip production to Samsung. With more than $14 billion budgeted to expand it’s manufacturing abilities Samsung looks to expand with the market and establish itself as a staple in the progression of the Internet of Things.

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