End-of-Life Solutions for Healthcare

We craft solutions specifically designed to streamline healthcare supply chains while preserving working capital and ensuring business continuity to support the entire lifecycle of our customers’ products.

For over 27 years, EDX has been helping OEMs specializing in healthcare equipment overcome the many supply chain challenges unique to their industry. Whether it’s securing obsolete inventory to honor long-term service commitments or supporting the entire lifecycle of OEM products, EDX will craft a solution designed to reduce costs, preserve working capital, ensure business continuity and streamline healthcare supply chains with industry-leading customer support.

Our solutions have been successfully implemented by some of the healthcare industry leaders including GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, and Baxter International.

Last Time Buy Solutions

As medical equipment lifecycles continue to increase, obsolescence of critical electronic inventory required to produce, upgrade, repair, and perform regular maintenance services becomes a significant concern. In some cases, this issue may leave OEMs no choice but to engage in a costly product redesign, as well as a time-consuming FDA recertification process.

Our ability to purchase electronic components, semiconductors, computer products, box builds, and even finished assemblies, provides customers the ability to support the entire lifecycle of their products.


  • Secure critical inventory to support the entire lifecycle of OEM products
  • Preserve working capital
  • Save on annual inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce day’s inventory on hand
  • Avoid costly redesigns
  • Secure and store (FRUs) field repair units for multiple years
  • Securely store inventory for 10 years or more in our climate-controlled warehouse
  • Global custom fulfillment to designated manufacturing partners
  • All warehousing and fulfillment operations are ISO 9001 certified

Legacy and Repair Solutions

For OEMs struggling to acquire replacement components necessary to maintain long-term service commitments, EDX also provides industry-leading legacy product support and procurement.

With a reputation as one of the industry’s premier medical part service providers, we use our experience to vet sources, test inventory and fulfill obsolete components such as motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies, hard drives, and much more for some of the world’s most trusted OEMs.


  • Extend lifecycle of legacy product
  • Support installed base
  • Vet supply chain
  • Component Testing
  • Dedicated Product Specialists
  • 12 month extended warranty on all components

Custom Vault Storage

Our self-sustained Vault is the new and innovative way to guarantee business continuity throughout your product’s life cycle. As the first and only one of its kind in the world, this structure is rated “Best in Class” for critical component and raw material storage – and it happens to be located right here in the USA.