Electric Plane – NASA’s Latest Innovation

 EngineIt’s been many years since the Wright brothers made their first flight in 1903, and we are making larger strides in aerospace innovations each year. This year NASA unveiled the successful test flights of the G-10, a 10 engine electric-powered plane.The most interesting thing about this plane is not that it has 10 engines (though that IS quite unusual), but instead the fact that the plane is capable of vertical takeoff! An outright challenge to the current state of flight, this plane is striving to provide lesser emissions outputs, greater versatility in purpose and unmanned convenience all in one neat little package. Combining these facets positions NASA to not only embark upon larger investments in the current air-transport industry but enable it to compete in an industry that has become relatively stagnant for the past decade. Most innovations in the current market have been small stutter-steps in the name of progress, but if this aircraft is brought to it’s full market potential it has the ability to change many people’s understanding of flight.To read more about NASA’s G-10 aircraft, click here –http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/05/150505152624.htm

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