EDX BOM Monitoring Solution: Your First 14 Days

Nearly every EDX customer who enrolls in our BOM Monitoring Solution already realizes they are getting the world’s premier service for obsolescence management — and the only one capable of predicting the growing issue of component allocation. What few realize, however, is that EDX customers do not have to wait a few weeks or months to start realizing our solution’s many benefits.

The benefits of your BOM Monitoring Solution begin on Day One of your 14-Day Free Trial. Below is a brief guide illustrating what you can expect immediately:

Your Assigned Supply Chain Specialist

Within hours of your confirmation email, you will be assigned your own EDX supply chain specialist who will act as your personal guide throughout the entirety of your experience with us. EDX itself has been a fixture of the supply chain industry since 1993 — and no member of the EDX team has less than 12 years of industry experience. Great care is taken to ensure that your assigned specialist knows your industry, be it healthcare or aerospace or telecommunications, as well as anyone on your project management team. From resolving bill of material conflicts, confirming component life cycles, or navigating your company through last time buy scenarios, your supply chain specialist will be there to support you.

Free Initial BOM Analysis

From the moment you enroll, you, as well as up to 20 additional users, will have full access to a personalized online dashboard where you can start uploading your various bills of material – up to 100 separate critical components for the first 14 days and unlimited after that. From there, EDX offers all customers a free BOM analysis where we will scrub each and every uploaded part against the world’s largest free open-source Big Data platform: Partstat. With the help of a series of complex algorithms, the current and historical data from Partstat allows us to generate easily-digestible graphs and charts detailing component information such as market inventory levels, life cycle statuses, factory lead times, and average price from authorized distributors. The value of this offering alone can cost thousands of dollars from comparable BOM Monitoring services, and all of this information is provided for you upfront to share with whomever you like — without any additional analysis required on your part. Your first analysis will be sent directly to you via email within 72 hours of your first BOM upload. And remember, as a free, open-source platform you are welcome to search for information on any component you like, even if we are not actively monitoring it!

Instant PCN Updates

In the event that one of your initial 100 critical components has already been rendered obsolete by a manufacturer, you will be instantly notified via email, where a link will direct you to the PCN to read first-hand. This feature is provided as part of our free BOM Analysis, and will also continue as part of our regular service. Partstat scans the market and updates every 15 minutes, ensuring that the market picture presented to you is always based in an accurate real-time model.

Unlimited Rapid RFQs

Another unique feature of our customer dashboard is the ability to send rapid RFQs to request quotes of needed components at the click of a button. And instead of requesting quotes from one distributor at a time, Partstat can also send the request to every authorized distributor noted to have available stock simultaneously, saving you potentially hours of needless busywork. Each quote received is saved on your dashboard, documented by date, and can be viewed at any time. If the authorized distributor has a shopping cart on their website, you can also opt to use this feature by connecting directly to it through Partstat.

In Brief

We look at our 14-Day Free Trial as a way of giving ourselves a deadline to prove just how much is packed into the most comprehensive obsolescence management strategy on the market. Such a tight window means we must put our very best foot forward on Day One – and with such a powerful tool at our disposal, we have the ability to not just make promises to show value down the road, but the ability to provide real, tangible results immediately.

Trust in a supply chain partner is something that is earned, not given, and for over 26 years we have prided ourselves on taking nothing for granted. If our solution isn’t everything you are looking for in a BOM Monitoring Solution after 14 days, we still hope you put the information in your free BOM Analysis to good use. There’s no commitment required to give it a try, and we are confident in saying that after your trial expires, you’ll wonder how your supply chain operated efficiently without it!

To begin your free trial today, just click here.

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