Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Contract Electronics Manufacturing

We offer solutions that solidify relationships between contract manufacturers and their OEM customers, enabling them to fulfill production and service commitments while preserving working capital, reducing inventory carrying costs, and ensuring business continuity.

Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Contract electronics manufacturers (CM) have unique challenges when servicing their OEM customers. Electronic component obsolescence during production can cause severe disruption that is often out of their control.

Consequently, when the need to purchase multiple years of last time buy inventory arises, questions regarding where the financial responsibility lies can become a point of contention between CMs and their customers.

Proper management of working capital is critical and purchasing multiple years of inventory often drains what limited capital CMs already have. In some cases, the OEM may step in and purchase the last time buy inventory. In other cases, the CM has no choice but to add this burden onto their balance sheets, or risk losing a valued customer.

Instead of choosing between these two options, EDX offers Last Time Buy Solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Last Time Buy Solutions

EDX will buy and store 10 years or more of Last Time Buy Inventory to support our customers’ production and service commitments.

We’ve created a proven model for customers to secure this critical inventory while preserving their working capital, reducing annual inventory carrying costs and ensuring great business continuity.

This complex issue has been simplified with a seamless process that benefits the OEM, their Contract Manufacturing partners and the Component manufacturers.

Custom Storage & Fulfillment

All inventory is stored in our climate-controlled ISO 9001, AS9120 certified warehouses which are ideal for long-term electronic component storage.

With our industry-leading infrastructure, which includes a natural disaster-proof vault and die banking capabilities, manufacturers can capably store even the most sensitive critical electronic inventory.

Through our infrastructure and regularly audited processes, we provide manufacturers with the industry’s premier customizable, full-turnkey, global fulfillment solution for all critical electronic components and semiconductors.


  • Secure last time buys while preserving working capital
  • Reduce days’ inventory on hand
  • Reduce component costs and improve margins through bulk purchase discounts
  • Our Last Time Buy Solution saves OEMs 42% in annual inventory carrying costs
  • Mitigate effects of price inflation
  • Bypass extended lead times and allocation disruptions
  • Monthly or quarterly consumption reports
  • Specialized long-term storage facilities, including die and wafer banking capabilities
  • Global custom fulfillment capabilities