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3 May 2018 No Comments

The EDX Critical Inventory Storage Solution Can Save OEMs on Annual Carrying Costs: Here’s How

When speaking to a potential customer about the benefits of our Critical Inventory Storage Solution, the most common questions we receive boil down to three distinct categories: What: What is […]
2 May 2018 No Comments

What Makes a Complete Obsolescence Management Strategy?

The term obsolescence management strategy, while simple in theory (how OEMs adapt their supply chain when faced with critical electronic components approaching end-of-life), has a nearly infinite number of variations […]
1 May 2018 No Comments

The Importance of Last Time Buys in a Transitioning Auto Industry Supply Chain

It is difficult to read anything about today’s auto industry without diving headfirst into the discussion about the impending electric revolution. Some automakers, such as Volvo, have been extremely enthusiastic […]
30 Apr 2018 No Comments

3 Simple Proactive Strategies to Minimize Excess Inventory

Even the most detailed, analytics-based prediction models available to manufactures today cannot fully eliminate the persistent issue of excess inventory. This is a statement OEMs and their EMS provider counterparts […]
26 Apr 2018 No Comments

What Can Your OEM Accomplish with Extra Working Capital? Here Are 4 Possibilities

One of the defining benefits of EDX’s Last Time Buy Solution is the ability to preserve up to 10 years of working capital. Since its introduction to the supply chain […]
25 Apr 2018 No Comments

The Future of the Auto Industry Supply Chain Runs on Batteries

If one follows the money and the national conversation circulating around auto industry leaders such as Tesla, GM, Ford, Toyota, and potential game-changers such as Byton, the ever-evolving auto industry […]