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27 Sep 2018 No Comments

The Expanding Role of Contract Manufacturers, and Their Limits

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where contract manufacturers (CMs) fulfilled a singular role in an OEM supply chain: product assembly. It’s a vital step in the manufacturing […]
21 Sep 2018 No Comments

The Price of an EOL Component Is More Than You Think

The passive electronic components that make up so much of what we use in our everyday lives are getting both smaller and more common. 15 years ago, the total number […]
18 Sep 2018 No Comments

The Flaw in Your Working Capital Management Strategy

Each year that passes in the world of manufacturing seems to operate around a particular theme. In 2018, this theme appears to be working capital management, with supply chain executives […]
13 Sep 2018 No Comments

Which Countries Are Poised to Become Aerospace Superpowers?

For an $838 billion industry, the aerospace industry, comprised of aircraft manufacturing, missile & defense, space, and MRO sectors, is remarkably centralized. According to a study by AeroDynamic Advisory and […]
11 Sep 2018 No Comments

Where Is the Focus of Your EOL Management Strategy?

While most discussions centering around EOL components typically imply concentrating on the end of an OEM product’s lifecycle, any true discussion of substance concentrates on the very beginning. Preparation vs. […]
4 Sep 2018 1 Comment

Crunching the OEM Cash Cycle During a Component Shortage

Regardless of the industry your company operates in or the products you bring to market, you are subservient to the cash conversion cycle (CCC). While explaining the factors that create […]