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26 Oct 2018 No Comments

Trade the Band-Aid for a Vault: Invest in Critical Inventory Storage Solutions

Hurricanes. Fires. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Flooding. Tsunamis. Oh my! There is no stopping Mother Nature. Natural disasters are something that we are not able to avoid, but they are something we […]
24 Oct 2018 No Comments

What We Talk About When We Talk About Last Time Buys

A last time buy, as does every supply chain decision, always comes down to money – money tied up, money spent, money saved, and money made. Going further, any decision […]
18 Oct 2018 No Comments

The Dangerous EOL Assumption Regarding Electronic Components

The EOL designation granted to an electronic component approaching obsolescence used to have a certain meaning to OEMs. It indicated that the component was ending its natural buyer cycle, that […]
16 Oct 2018 No Comments

Don’t Be a Salmon, Embrace Last Time Buys

Salmon are fascinating creatures in that that they are created with an inherent instinct to defy the natural order. In a world where common sense and logic nudge all forms […]
10 Oct 2018 No Comments

How to Survive the Aerospace Price Inflation Squeeze

Maturing generations have a tendency to view price inflation as a symptom of the modern age. With a tear in their eye, they recall the days when a piece of […]
2 Oct 2018 2 Comments

Long-Term Storage of Electronic Components: What Are the Options

The widening lifecycle mismatch between OEM products and the critical electronic inventory used to create them has had a profound effect on the modern supply chain. Where once OEMs could […]