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17 Jan 2019 No Comments

Aerospace OEMs: How to Choose a Small Business for Government Contract Set-Asides

At some point in your life, you’ve likely been faced with a hypothetical scenario involving money that must be spent. “If you had $100,000,” for example, “and you had to […]
15 Jan 2019 No Comments

Aerospace OEMs and Overcoming the Challenge of Annualized Budgets

As the new year approached, one of the last stories of 2018 reported that the Pentagon awarded Boeing a $400 million contract to cover engineering services for their B-1 and […]
8 Jan 2019 No Comments

OEMs: It’s Time to Make Your Working Capital Work for You

The act of saving working capital is a critical piece of any OEM’s long-term strategy, and it’s a common indicator for how well positioned the company is for future success. […]
3 Jan 2019 No Comments

2019 New Year Resolutions for Your Supply Chain

2018 has officially come and gone, and for many professionals involved in the manufacturing supply chain, the end couldn’t have come soon enough. Despite the electronic component market increasing approximately […]
19 Dec 2018 No Comments

New Aerospace Frontiers, Old Obsolescence Challenges

While initial thoughts of the aerospace industry typically conjure images of fighter jets, commercial aircraft, and possibly aftermarket parts among those who are familiar with this world, we often forget […]
12 Dec 2018 No Comments

How EDX Is Fulfilling an Electronics Industry Need for…Fulfillment

If inventory sourcing is the heart of the manufacturing supply chain, inventory fulfillment is the blood. Whether an OEM purchases bulk quantities of critical components upfront or through a third-party […]