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14 May 2019 No Comments

Preserving OEM Working Capital: Making Obsolescence Management Exciting

When finances enter any discussion regarding obsolescence management strategies, it usually takes one of two forms: the price of obsolescence management, and the potential cost of not implementing such a […]
7 May 2019 No Comments

The Solar Revolution Requires New Electronic Inventory Storage Strategies

The idea of clean, sustainable, renewable energy has been more than a pipe dream for decades. It is only recently, however, that its potential has moved from prototypes in science […]
1 May 2019 No Comments

Who Has a Need for a Custom Storage Vault?

A common question we hear from potential customers interested in the use of our custom storage vault is if such a drastic measure is right for them. What organizations have […]
23 Apr 2019 No Comments

Partstat Custom Vault Storage FAQ for Critical Electronic Inventory

When asked what makes Partstat unique in the supply chain market, one of the first things we point to is our Custom Storage Vault. It is a feature we are […]
16 Apr 2019 No Comments

Partstat Last Time Buy Solution FAQ

There is little doubt that our Last Time Buy Solution is one-of-a-kind in the electronics manufacturing industry, and as a result of this, we receive a lot of questions regarding […]
9 Apr 2019 No Comments

The Importance of Long-Term Critical Inventory Storage for Supply Chain Flexibility

In the wake of the two 737 MAX crashes that resulted in the grounding of 737s around the world, aircraft manufacturer Boeing has signaled that they will be cutting production […]