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22 Feb 2018 No Comments

Choosing the Right BOM Monitoring Tool for Obsolescence Management

Historically, BOM Monitoring services have been used to help original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, react to obsolescence in electronic components when it occurs. Upon confirmation of a critical component’s or […]
20 Feb 2018 No Comments

EMS Providers and the Struggle Against Dwindling Profit Margins

Electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers pride themselves on their adaptability. Many industry experts, in fact, would claim this as an EMS provider’s most important attribute. As the technological landscape continues […]
15 Feb 2018 No Comments

The Challenge of Die and Wafer Banking: Solved

As technology in the electronics industry continues to evolve and accelerate at an unprecedented rate, manufacturers are being forced to adapt their tried-and-true supply chain models to confront this new […]
14 Feb 2018 No Comments

The Significance of EDX’s ISO Certifications

Regardless of services offered or products manufactured, there have always been certain universal quality management standards implemented by the world’s most successful companies. At the center of these standards was […]
8 Feb 2018 No Comments

The Secret to Maximizing ROI on Excess Inventory

The largest equipment manufacturers in the world did not reach their position of industry influence without the ability to market their products to a desired audience. It’s not uncommon for […]
6 Feb 2018 No Comments

Cypress Last Time Buy and EOL Notices

This Cypress last time buy date is August 8th, of 2018. EDX will use OUR capital to purchase your entire projected quantity needed, directly from the OCM, on your behalf. […]