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18 Apr 2018 No Comments

The Value of Life Cycle Confirmation in Your Obsolescence Management Strategy

With our Big Data warehouse Partstat at our disposal — consisting of over 9 billion rows of current and historical data on over 20 million electronic components, semiconductors, and peripheral […]
17 Apr 2018 No Comments

3 Common OEM Situations that Necessitate Bulk Purchases of Critical Inventory

All OEMs are well-acquainted with the unique set of circumstances that necessitate a last time buy of critical electronic components. As the lifecycle of OEM products continues to increase against […]
16 Apr 2018 No Comments

A Critical Electronic Component in Your Product Has Been Discontinued. Now What?

Useful doesn’t even begin to describe the impact critical electronic components have on an OEM product’s life cycle. Many standard electronic components and semiconductors have comparable alternatives that can be […]
12 Apr 2018 No Comments

The Price OEMs Pay for IP Protection

The creation, marketing, and ultimately selling of a successful OEM product typically comes down to three simple factors: • Value: How much value does the product offer the consumer for […]
11 Apr 2018 No Comments

The Benefits of EDX’s Open Source Big Data Platform

So much of what EDX offers our customers is rooted in our access to Big Data. Partstat, our acclaimed Big Data platform, consists of, as of this writing, over 9 […]
10 Apr 2018 No Comments

Fire: The Oldest and Deadliest Risk to Supply Chain Business Continuity

The idea of a raging fire consuming large portions of what we hold dear is one of the oldest threats mankind has faced — and while multiple millennia’s worth of […]