BOM Monitoring Solutions

BOM Monitoring Solutions

We use a real-time model to keep our customers ahead of obsolescence issues by closing the loop in the life cycle mismatch between electronic components and OEM products.

BOM Monitoring

There is a life cycle mismatch between the life of an OEM product and the life of an electronic component or semiconductor. This mismatch requires that during design, engineers are aware of which components may be available and which components may be obsoleted during a manufacturing process.

Each year hundreds of thousands of components transition to obsolescence. Almost 50% of these components will transition to obsolescence without the OEM receiving a Product Change Notification. And over 40% of the components that are obsoleted each year, have an immediate Last Time Buy date.

Our Strategy

Through our Bill of Material Monitoring Solution, we have the technology, data and experience to make this a deflationary issue by keeping our customers out in front of any obsolescence in their supply chain. Our service is a departure from how companies have traditionally tried to manage the mismatch in life cycles.

We combine the big data technology with experienced product specialists to close the loop in the mismatch, by confirming the life cycle status of a component, in a real-time model.

How it Works

Price It
Price your BOM in seconds using our price estimator tool. Share with colleagues or use it for bidding a job.
Monitor It
Every 15 minutes, our intelligent automated systems review your Bill of Materials and scan the global marketplace for any changes that might impact your decisions for those parts.
Predict It
Using advanced algorithms on millions of electronic components, EDX is able to predict potential trends towards obsolescence.
Confirm It
Each BOM is assigned to an experienced product specialist who confirms PCNs, obsolescence, and provides a recommendation report.

Big Data

Our big data warehouse consists of over 8 Billion rows of current and historical data on over 25 Million unique electronic components and semiconductors. This data from over 2,000 global suppliers is then combined with advanced algorithms so customers can easily Price, Monitor, Predict and with our help, Confirm, the Life Cycle status of an electronic component.

The Human Element

Each Bill of Material is also assigned to an experienced Product Specialist who will confirm each alert and provide a real-time recommendation report on each component, at the point of prediction or notice.

This adds the human element into this technology driven service that provides intuition and expert analysis, when customers need it.

Our Promise, Your Expectation

Our ultimate goal, is to reduce the stress and cost associated with the mismatch in life cycles for our customers. We provide a solution that will keep our customers on track with always having their best technology performing, throughout the entire life cycle of their brand.

Solution Benefits & Features

  • Price your BOM in seconds
  • Access to online customer dashboard
  • A dedicated BOM Specialist and Confirmation of monitored parts
  • Real-time PCN alerts and automated component analysis
  • 24/7 monitoring for changes in component status
  • Prediction alerts from our advanced algorithms
  • Access to thousands of authorized distributors with our Rapid RFQ
  • Access to historical pricing, lead times, and inventory levels