BOM Monitoring Case Study: High Tech Manufacturer

Case Study

BOM Monitoring Case Study: High Tech Manufacturer

Each year, several hundred thousand parts and components transition to End of Life or Obsolescence in the electronics industry, affecting production, service, revenue stream and brand. In fact, obsolescence is an issue in almost every industry.

A top brand consumer manufacturer had been paying thousands of dollars per quarter to monitor the company’s BOMs through a big data service supplier.

The company employed an entire department of 10 people to use this big data service to monitor critical parts on the company’s BOMs for obsolescence and PCNs. Even though the department could catch some of the End of Life notices and push the information to their sourcing team, they were still not satisfied with their big data supplier’s results. The information was too fragmented and they did not have enough resources to stay out in front of the obsolescence issue.

Part of the reason, is that more than 50% of the parts and components that transition to obsolescence in the electronics industry, do so without a PCN from the component manufacturer. To add to the difficulty, over 40% of the parts obsoleted have an immediate Last Time Buy date. This information gap is very difficult if not impossible to manage with a fully automated service..

We empower a team of experienced product consultants with the real-time Big Data from our Partstat platform that supports our BOM tool. Partstat has billions of rows of historical data on over 20 million parts and components. Product consultants proactively monitor all BOMs, confirm PCNs and provide supply chain recommendations as they are identified. This combination of technology and the human element help to keep customers ahead of obsolescence and improve the communication gap.

Through our BOM monitoring tool, this customer was able upload and manage all 26 of their BOMs. Parts that were obsolete were immediately identified and the customer could price the BOMs in minutes through our BOM Pricing Estimator.

Through our service, this customer was able to decrease disruption due to obsolescence by 68%. Our service combines big data with the human resources to stay ahead of obsolescence.

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