Altera Last Time Buy

You have just a few business days left on a massive Altera Last Time Buy notice. The last time buy date is June 1st. Partstat will use OUR capital to purchase your entire projected quantity needed, directly from the OCM, on your behalf. We will own, warehouse and fulfill enough inventory for production and service to anywhere in the world you designate for up to a 10 year schedule.

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Each year hundreds of thousands of products transition to obsolescence. Almost 50% of those products transition to obsolescence without a Product Change Notification (PCN). What’s your business continuity plan for obsolescence? How many years of inventory are needed? Last Time Buy: Contact us today, to secure your Last Time Buy.  Secure up to 10 years of inventory and save as much as 50% on inventory carrying costs Advantages:   Click Here for Case Study

  • Partstat will purchase and fulfill the entire Last Time Buy inventory
  • Preserves Working Capital and Reduces Inventory
  • Saves and lowers carrying costs
  • Eliminates lead time and secures the inventory for production and service over multiple years
  • Allows cash flow budgeting over multiple years
  • Protects quality by avoiding open-market buys-counterfeit prevention
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