Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

As a designated small business, we provide shortage and spares replenishment services with parts sourced directly from aerospace manufacturers, as well as last time buy and critical inventory storage solutions for legacy electronic components.

The average aircraft remains in service between 25 and 30 years. To maintain optimal performance throughout such long-term platforms, the role of a trusted, certified company in the acquisition of critical inventory cannot be overstated.

EDX has over 27 years of experience in procuring parts and electronics for aircraft production and repair on behalf of some of the world’s largest commercial and defense OEMs. Our processes have been AS9120B-certified by TUV:America, and our facilities have been audited by Boeing since 2008. Recently, EDX was recognized by Boeing for its long-standing excellence and superior performance as a supplier.

Manufacturer Direct Small Business

The search to find trusted small business partners to purchase inventory through is a struggle OEMs know well. Government contracts require a certain percentage of their budget to be set aside for businesses with certain designations. If those businesses do not have the authorization to deal directly with component manufacturers, these set-asides can compromise their ability to promptly source quality inventory.

As a designated small business with deep roots in aerospace & defense, EDX has authorization to purchase inventory from over 300 of the industry’s most respected manufacturers including Siemens, Circor, GE, Triumph, and Alcoa.

Last Time Buy Solutions

Not even the highest quality MIL-grade electronic component, semiconductor, or computer product can hold up against the expected service life of a commercial or military aircraft. Repair or replacement is inevitable, and as advances in technology and rising buyer demand continue to shorten component lifecycles, it can make the procurement of the needed parts a time-consuming, costly, and risky endeavor.

EDX Will Purchase, Store and Fulfill Your Next Last Time Buy

The EDX Last Time Buy Solution gives our customers the ability to purchase end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and computer products at the front-end of the production process without the need to sacrifice working capital. And with our ability to store and fulfill this inventory for 10 years or more, we have granted aerospace and defense OEMs a degree of supply chain continuity never seen in the industry.


  • Preserve working capital as EDX uses ours to purchase over 10 years of critical inventory on your behalf
  • Save an average of 42% on annual carrying costs
  • Take advantage of bulk purchase discounts while avoiding price inflation
  • Securely store inventory in our climate-controlled warehouse for as long as your product’s lifecycle dictates
  • EDX provides global custom fulfillment of your inventory on a schedule determined by you
  • All warehousing and fulfillment operations are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B-certified

Shortage & Spares Replenishment

In an industry that often struggles to obtain necessary critical end-of-life replacement inventory on a tight schedule, our supply chain specialists are here to help. Since our founding in 1991, we have perfected our ability to promptly source, store, and fulfill obsolete replacement inventory from some of the industry’s most trusted suppliers and component manufacturers.

Professional Sourcing

Aerospace OEMs who rely on our experience and portfolio of services to support their products include Boeing, Raytheon, and NASA, and since 2009 we have provided them with over $20 million in reliable, traceable aircraft parts. All suppliers we source inventory from are carefully vetted, and each part sold through EDX comes with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance, ensuring adherence to only the highest quality standards.


  • Straightforward pricing from supply chain specialists with over 50 years of industry experience
  • EDX will provide manufacturer and/or FAA documentation for all parts, as required
  • AS9120B-certified processes
  • Work with an organization recognized as a Boeing Gold Vendor
  • Winner of the Boeing Excellence Award

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Storage & Global Custom Fulfillment Capabilities

Aerospace OEMs who already have owned critical electronic inventory on hand often do not have the infrastructure necessary to secure it for as long as an aircraft’s lifecycle demands. There are no term limits storing inventory with EDX, and all components will be handled, packed, and fulfilled by highly-trained professionals on a personalized schedule determined by the customer. Whether we buy the inventory or you own it, we will store and fulfill it anywhere in the world according to your exact specifications.


  • All inventory is stored in our climate-controlled ISO 9001, AS9120 certified warehouses which are ideal for long-term electronic component storage
  • With our industry-leading infrastructure, which includes a natural disaster-proof vault and die banking capabilities, manufacturers can capably store even the most sensitive critical electronic inventory
  • Through our infrastructure and regularly audited processes, we provide manufacturers with the industry’s premier customizable, full-turnkey, global fulfillment solution for all critical electronic components and semiconductors