BOM Monitoring Solutions

We use a real-time model to keep our customers ahead of obsolescence issues by closing the loop in the life cycle mismatch between electronic components and OEM products.

Last Time Buy Solutions

Secure up to 10 years of Last Time Buy Inventory to support production and service commitments without spending any working capital.

Storage & Fulfillment Solutions

We offer our experience and infrastructure to customers seeking secure storage, global custom fulfillment, and best in class business continuity planning for all critical electronic components and semiconductors.

Inventory Exit Solutions

Maximize return on excess material through a full turnkey solution designed to improve working capital, reduce annual inventory carrying costs, and create opportunity for new supply chain efficiencies.

Our Customers
  • EDX Electronics Chosen to Maximize Philips’ Excess Inventory Revenue
    Philips Ultrasound, modality of the Amsterdam-based technology giant Philips, has contracted a new partner to craft an Inventory Exit Solution for one of the most pressing issues facing the industrial marketplace.Poor management of excess inventory, or “obsolescent inventory,” can consume a sizable portion of a company’s profit margin. Not only can it tie up vital ...
  • GE Healthcare Trusts LTBs to EDX Supply Chain Solutions
    GE Healthcare has now joined dozens of other prominent industry innovators who have taken advantage of one of EDX’s Last Time Buy Solutions.Radiology. Ultrasound. Mammography. Computed Tomography. These are just a few of the medical disciplines GE Healthcare continues to supply with innovative products critical to a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.But every innovation comes ...
  • EDX Electronics Soars in Boeing’s Annual CEPA Assessment
    For the ninth straight year, EDX Electronics proved to The Boeing Company its commitment to counterfeit parts prevention.Founded in 1916, Boeing has prided itself as being the world’s leader in aerospace innovation. Its relentless drive to “build something better,” as famously said by founder Bill Boeing, is reflected in products found everywhere from your local ...
  • EDX Accepts Boeing Excellence Award
    EDX announced today that it has received a Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award for 2016. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance in government outreach activities to help government policymakers better understand aerospace issues and promote legislation that support aerospace companies. Boeing suppliers are uniquely qualified to speak ...