Last Time Buy Solutions

We will buy and store up to 10 years of Last Time Buy Inventory to support your production and service commitments. Already own your Last Time Buy Inventory? Use our infrastructure. We will gladly store and fulfill it for you.

Critical Inventory Storage

We provide customers a secure storage environment for all critical electronic components and semiconductors, including custom vault storage and die banking capabilities, for best-in-class business continuity.


Through our infrastructure and regularly audited processes, we provide manufacturers with the industry’s premier customizable, full-turnkey, global fulfillment solution for all critical electronic components and semiconductors.

Our Customers
  • Live on EPS News: OEMs Should Commit to Inventory During Component Shortages
    “There’s a degree of irony in the fact that, in the face of the most significant component shortage since the turn of the century, OEMs are regularly holding high-level meetings about how to rid themselves of on-hand inventory. It’s the classic ‘have your cake and eat it too’ dilemma; despite their inherent need to support ...
  • Featured on EBN: Component Shortages Give OEMs Cold Feet on Inventory Commitments
    “There is little about the “Great Component Shortage of 2018” that hasn’t already been thoroughly analyzed. Unprecedented demand for smaller and more efficient passive electronics, especially in the automotive and IoT industries, has driven lead times for once commoditized components to the breaking point. What hasn’t been discussed, however, is the equal pushback OEMs are ...
  • EDX Introduces Industry-Leading Die and Wafer Banking Solution
    EDX Electronics has officially announced new die and wafer banking capabilities for their customers around the world.While banking raw wafer and die has become a valuable option for OEMs who wish to ensure the lifecycle of their products against component obsolescence and other supply chain disruptions, the cost of entry for the necessary equipment has ...
  • EDX Electronics Completes Construction of Custom Storage Vault
    After an extensive planning and construction process, EDX Electronics is officially declaring its custom storage vault completed and ready for business.As the latest addition to EDX’s last time buy and storage offerings, this structure initially conceived by EDX CEO Dennis Menefee as the answer to an inherent market need for guaranteed business continuity throughout even ...