BOM Monitoring Solutions

We use a real-time model to keep our customers ahead of obsolescence issues by closing the loop in the life cycle mismatch between electronic components and OEM products.

Last Time Buy Solutions

Secure up to 10 years of Last Time Buy Inventory to support production and service commitments without spending any working capital.

Storage & Fulfillment Solutions

We offer our experience and infrastructure to customers seeking secure storage, global custom fulfillment, and best in class business continuity planning for all critical electronic components and semiconductors.

Inventory Exit Solutions

Maximize return on excess material through a full turnkey solution designed to improve working capital, reduce annual inventory carrying costs, and create opportunity for new supply chain efficiencies.

Our Customers
  • Harris Corporation, Seeking Inventory Exit Solutions, Joins the EDX Family
    For over 25 years, EDX Supply Chain Solutions has offered their valued customers solutions for managing excess inventory. Recently, the Harris Corporation reached out to EDX to provide exactly that.Founded as a humble printing press company in 1895, Harris has evolved in the past century into one of the most powerful telecommunications companies on the ...
  • Baxter International Enrolls in EDX’s Inventory Exit Solutions Program
    In an effort to reclaim a portion of their working capital tied up in excess inventory, Fortune 500 company and healthcare industry trailblazer Baxter International recently sought the expertise of EDX Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Baker Hughes, in Transitional Times, Remains a Valued EDX Partner
    EDX Supply Chain Solutions recently purchased Last Time Buy (LTB) inventory on behalf of GE Oil & Gas, subsidiary of General Electric.With one agreement, GE Oil & Gas managed to preserve working capital for that quarter while saving significant administration costs, storage and handling costs, and distribution costs over a 10-month period.As GE Oil ...
  • EDX Supply Chain Solutions Completes Last Time Buy on Behalf of Philips
    When it comes to completing Last Time Buys necessary for the manufacturing of revolutionary products, EDX once again proved they are the definitive supply chain partner.This time, it was Philips who required assistance with the fulfillment of a vital LTB.When a future mother looks at a monitor to see a representation their unborn child for ...