BOM Monitoring Service

BOM Monitoring Service

Continuous monitoring of your Bill of Materials for critical changes in the global marketplace.

Each year hundreds of thousands of products transition to obsolescence. Almost 50% of those products transition to obsolescence without a notification from the manufacturer to the customer.

Companies spend millions of dollars each year buying obsolete inventory that poses a risk to quality, brand and margin.

Get your BOM actively monitored by one of our experienced product specialists. They will personally assist in monitoring your BOM, confirming alerts and providing supply chain recommendations.

Subscription Features

  • Access to the BOM Manager
  • A dedicated BOM Product Specialist
  • BOM normalizing
  • Initial scrubbing of BOM for obsolescence
  • PCN alerts
  • Automated component analysis
  • Part activity alerts
  • Data sheets
  • Rapid RFQ
  • Access to historical pricing, lead times and inventory levels

How It Works

Every 15 minutes, our intelligent automated systems review your Bill of Materials and scan the global marketplace for any changes that might impact your decisions for those parts.

An email analysis of any critical issues is immediately dispatched to your inbox, showing you the parts of concern, the alert that triggered the notification, and your BOMs being monitored that use that part.

Our dedicated Product Specialist team will confirm the alert with real-time verified information and provide a Supply Chain Recommendation Report.

BOM Normalizing

Scrub old and incorrect data for thousands of parts in bulk and populate the latest clean data.

Components Monitoring

Flag high risk parts and make better electronic component decisions using our advanced risk analysis algorithms..

Component Search

Find comprehensive data on millions of electronic components including passives, semiconductors, and electrometrical components with one easy search.

Part Alerts

Get notified when PCNs, datasheets and lifecycle updates occur, providing you with the meaningful and timely information you need.

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