Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Customized options to maximize your total asset recovery value

Some of the largest companies in the world trust EDX to manage their excess inventory. To maximize asset recovery value, EDX utilizes a unique targeted marketing approach, leveraging a global sales infrastructure that is backed by over 25 years of global commodity management expertise.

Utilizing a unique in-depth approach, EDX is able to define target market segments that have a demand for your product and then consult with your team on market options available. We take every step to maximize your total asset recovery value and velocity, all while minimizing overall risk.

EDX Big Data

EDX tracks over 25 million components daily and has almost 8 billion rows of historical trending data on all types of product. This data is fed by thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from around the world that support our massive data warehouse. This real-time information is used to help settle excess inventory claims, determine what is deemed scrap and determine what inventory qualifies for the Asset Recovery Service. It also helps our Recovery Team to maximize the resale of the inventory, which maximizes the return to our customer.

Excess Inventory Recommendation Report for Electronics

Once EDX receives your list of excess electronic inventory, processing of the list will commence to produce the Excess Inventory Recommendation Report through our real-time Big Data of over 25 million components. Then our experienced product specialist will review each part and determine a line item detail of which parts qualify to enroll into the service and which parts should be scrapped.


Here is some of the information you will receive in the Excess Inventory Recommendation Report.

  • Part Status – Obsolete or Active
  • Global Availability – Total quantity available from qualified suppliers
  • Average Price – Average global pricing from Authorized Distributors
  • Average Lead Time – Average lead times from Authorized Distributors and Manufacturers

EDX will also review the historical data on each part to determine past and current trends. This report is absolutely free, whether you enter into our program or not.

Excess Inventory Settlements

EDX will purchase any excess inventory from your contract manufacturer and provide up to a 3-year term at an aggressive rate with a quarterly payment schedule.

During this term, 100% of any recovery from the sales of the excess electronic inventory will be applied to your payment schedule, thus reducing your total exposure.

There is a qualification requirement for this feature.

Marketing Excess Inventory

Once the excess inventory is received at our facility, EDX will begin marketing with a robust strategy that includes a Google AdWords Campaign, advertising on Partstat and other paid subscription industry service websites. We also begin marketing to over 2,000 distributors and customers around the world.

Customer Dashboard

All customers participating in this service or any other services will receive a log-in to our Members Services portal on our website. This portal will provide a dashboard to monitor or view excess inventory, but also to monitor all sales of the excess inventory or request a return of any product.

Payment and Reconciliation of Excess Inventory

EDX will handle all sales, logistics and payments of the process. A total reconciliation, from shipping, invoicing and collecting all payments from the buyers.

For companies that qualify for the Excess Inventory Settlement service, payments will be applied once EDX receives payment from the buyer of the excess inventory.

Other participants will receive payouts by the 10th of the following month.


  • Full turnkey solution for handling excess materials
  • Improves working capital
  • Saves warehousing, administrative and logistics costs
  • Excess Recommendation Report
  • Online Monitoring
  • Real-time visibility for your entire organization
  • Maximize ROI

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