Supply Chain Solutions

EDX’s Inventory Ownership Solutions improves the working capital positions of our customers while reducing annual inventory carrying costs by as much as 50%. EDX will purchase, own, warehouse and fulfill inventory anywhere in the world for a period of up to 10 years.

Improve Working Capital

Reduce the amount of capital spent on inventory

EDX will buy, own, warehouse and fulfill inventory anywhere in the world. The working capital our customers save can then be deployed for Return On Investment Capital (ROIC).

Lower Inventory Carrying Cost

Save up to 50% with our inventory ownership solutions

Spending working capital on inventory and paying inventory carrying charges to suppliers is a costly dynamic.

At EDX, our low cost to buy, own, warehouse and fulfill inventory is passed on to each customer, saving our customers up to 50% in annual inventory carrying cost.

Reduce Inventory

Delay ownership of inventory to meet your schedule

EDX will buy, own, warehouse and fulfill inventory to meet your production or service demand schedule. This service incorporates Just-In-Time deliveries, deferring inventory recognition for up to 10 years. The resulting lower expense from reducing inventory contribute toward increased profits and improved working capital for our customers.

Collapse the Cash to Cash Cycle

Minimize the time between inventory payments and sales revenue

Inventory consumes a significant portion of working capital until such time that it is sold. Businesses that make use of EDX’s inventory ownership solutions minimize the lag time between paying suppliers and getting paid from customers.

EDX can collapse the cash to cash cycle by utilizing a variety of solutions including offering extended payment terms.